Thursday, January 13, 2011

Carmen + Joni Tie the Knot in Switzerland!

The last month has been an incredible whirlwind! Will & I both celebrated our birthdays one week before Christmas, then we flew to Mississippi to celebrate with Will's side of the family, (and do some hunting of course!) and THEN we flew to Switzerland for the much-anticipated wedding of Carmen & Joni! I've been super-excited for this trip for a while and I know there are many itching to see photos from our travels, but I know the two MOST eager to see photos are Joni & Carmen, which means travel photos featuring snow-covered chalets and foaming glasses of beer are going to have to wait!

Here then, are just a few of the stunning couple on their wedding day! I'll be posting more photos featuring a few of the festivities as well as shots from their post-wedding shoot, but here are a few just to tide folks over!

There's nothing more romantic than candlelight, if you're the ones kissing by it, but photographing by it can feel a lot trickier. However, thanks to leaping into the world of full-frame with the Nikon D700, I'm able to shoot by dim, ambient light and not wind up with images saturated in digital noise. Okay, that's a bit of lingo, but basically, this camera (and the lens) SHONE in that dark castle tower and Joni & Carmen looked AMAZING. Anyone else using the D700 in dim light? I'd love to hear what you think.

After our shoot at Frauenfeld Castle, the limo pulled up to the reception location and there lining the entrance way were all the dinner guests holding torches and streamers...horn & trumpet fanfare ushered the glowing couple down the red carpet, but not before I hopped out of the limo first, cringing knowing everyone would be expecting Carmen & Joni! "Just me!" I cried, and the crowd feigned disappointment with a humourous sigh. We had debated who would get out first, but Carmen, Joni, and I decided that I needed to get the photos so out I went! Between the trill of the trumpets bursting through the crisp winter air and the firey display of the torch-lit processional, I turned giddy with excitement at the drama of it all! Of course, my own reaction was nothing compared to Carmen & Joni's, which I think was captured well here as they made their way to the reception hall. Aren't they GORGEOUS!!!???

Stay tuned for more!



  1. Jaime! That last photo is absolutely BREATHTAKING! I want to be in that crowd!

  2. Jaime these are stunning as always, and I LOVE the candlelit ones. You must be so excited about the possibilities with the camera.

  3. Anonymous1/14/2011

    Wow, that looks like such a fun and beautiful wedding! I'm excited to see more photos!

  4. Anonymous1/14/2011

    Jaime! Your photos are always a delight to look at! Is the guest on the left holding a wire wisk with streamers?

  5. More photos coming next week folks! Thanks for your patience and of course encouraging comments!!! And Anonymous #2, yes you're right! A wisk with streamers indeed....I didn't notice before!!! Oh and that's my husband grinning from ear to ear on the right....there was a lot of fire involved throughout the whole event which I'm pretty sure made his night!

  6. PS...Just out of curiosity....I'd love to know who both the 'anonymous' quotes are from! ;-)

  7. Anonymous1/27/2011

    Jaime, I am the anonymous quote about the wire wisk. I just thought it was a bit random! Hope you are well! Hope your New Years in Switzerland was memorable!

    ~Paula Odermatt
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