Saturday, September 18, 2010

A Concannon Picnic: Jeremy & Krista

It's hard for me to believe that picnics are still to be had at this time of year. Where I'm from, friends and family are pulling out their sweaters, prepping their yards for the fall, and churning out the heartiest of recipes. Here in the Livermore Valley...not so much. Sure, fall is around the bend, but so far as I can tell, September in this neck of the woods means the grape harvest is upon us, and that makes me one very happy camper!

But back to picnics. The other day I had the pleasure of providing Jeremy & Krista with an engagement shoot at Concannon, one of Livermore's premiere vineyards and one of my favourite places to bring friends and family when they roll into town. The grounds are beautiful and beg to be dined upon, and so with a bottle of one of Concannon's refreshing whites, I photographed Jeremy & Krista on a perfect not-so-summer, but feels-like-summer day. Technically, summer's got until September 21st, but who's keeping track.

With that said, please raise a glass of whatever you might be sipping, and toast to Krista & Jeremy and their upcoming nuptials! Enjoy the photos!