Thursday, February 18, 2010

Register with Jaime Lauren Photography!

I'm not sure about you, but as a bride I found the entire registry process fairly overwhelming. I love scouring markets, second-hand stores, and other countries for household items and because of this, I found it more natural to invite our guests to contribute to our honeymoon fund (an experiential gift) than to check out our gift registry. Of course we felt blessed by everyone's gifts no matter what they were or where they came from, but the experience reinforced my belief that gift registries need not be so traditional in order to be appropriate.

As wedding details and plans deviate from the traditional more and more these days, it makes sense that wedding registries can also be catered to reflect couples' personal tastes and ideas--not just in the items they register for, but in the type of registries themselves. Over the past couple of years, registering with travel agencies for honeymoons has become popular, as has registering at outdoor/sports stores. I always thought it'd be special to have guests give the couple their favourite book, so that they get to start off their marriage with a library full of the collected wisdom and thoughts valued by those they love. But I've digress!

Wedding trends often wind up manifesting themselves within the realm of wedding photography, which is why I've decided to offer clients a registry service. Now couples who have booked me as their wedding photographer can inform their guests that they are registered with Jaime Lauren Photography. Family and friends of the Bride & Groom only need to head over to my online registry to purchase gifts in a variety of increments and currencies. For the couple on a budget, or the couple who already has most of the household items they need, this is a great way to expand your photographic package and coverage. For guests looking to purchase the perfect gift, you'll now have the option of contributing to the couples' most celebrated day and memories that will last long after the wedding decorations have come down and the cake devoured!

So head on over to the registry and let me know what you think. It's new and definitely needs some pizzaz, but my site is currently undergoing a facelift, so I've kept it simple for now! If you have any suggestions or questions, let me know--feedback is one of the gears that makes this thing called self-employment tick! Also, with regards to the entire site, please pardon any aesthetic inconsistencies that may appear in your browser, I'm doing my best to work on these issues.

I'm outta hear for today folks! Later!