Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Bicknell Family photos and more...

Here are a few pics from last weekend's shoot for the Bicknell family of Vernon, BC.  Jessie and Sean had been wanting some family-oriented maternity shots that featured Kal Park, one of their favoured stomping grounds.  With their son (age 2) along, we kept things as informal as we could in order to stretch his tolerance for photos as long as possible.  He held up wonderfully and it was definitely a great time!

It's been a busy spring so far--just the way I like it, with weddings to celebrate, family photos to start snapping, and babies to photograph before they even arrive!  With spring arriving fashionably late, I've been keeping tabs on the blossoms, watching the weather forecasts religiously, and ensuring that clients' and I are making the most of those beautiful spring days as they waltz into town, unaware that we've all been waiting...waiting very patiently...*ahem* for them to arrive.

So I figured I should get to it and start uploading photos, keeping everyone posted with the latest moments and events being documented both here in the Okanagan and down at the Coast.  Actually, as far as weddings go, I've got more coming up all over the province: Kimberley, Prince George, Delta...the list goes on.  If you'd like to catch up with me between Vernon and the aforementioned locales for a photo shoot, just drop me a line via can also find Jaime Lauren Photography on Facebook (thanks to all those who've become fans! Very encouraging stuff!!!)  Oh and for those of you waiting for more travel-related posts, you won't have to wait too long...this summer is going to be chock full of adventures!!!

Check out for more from the Bicknell family photo shoot!

Monday, April 20, 2009

Sneak Preview for Dom & Bethany's wedding...

All right, so Easter Weekend I headed down to the Coast to shoot Dom & Bethany's wedding, and was joined by Jonny Lee, an old friend from Emily Carr who came along as the second shooter. Between his work and my own, there's a copious amount of editing for me to get done in the next couple weeks, so I've culled just a few of my favourite shots from the ceremony and a few more of Dom & Bethany to share with you in a sneak preview.  Ceremony photographs are often overlooked when the wedding photos make their debut, but I've got a hunch that Dom & Bethany will certainly be pleased that their sacred ceremony made the highlight reel!  Congrats Dom & Bethany and I hope you had a wonderful honeymoon in Corfu!  Click here to visit Dom & Bethany's sneak preview slideshow!

Sunday, April 19, 2009

Digging through the Archives

Over the past few years I've neglected a lot of my travel photography in favour of getting wedding and portrait galleries together for clients.  Let's face it, travel photography hasn't been paying the bills (not yet at least!). Anyway, I decided to go digging through some of my older images that haven't made it online, and this morning I dusted off some photos featuring bullfighting from southern Spain.  Whether you view the tradition as cultural or cruel is obviously your choice; as Ernest Hemingway once said regarding the sport, "anything capable of arousing passion in its favour will surely raise as much passion against it".  These photos are presented here merely to provide some insight into the presence of bullfighting in Andalucia. From the historic Plaza de Toros of Ronda beloved by Hemingway, to the peeling posters in Malaga offering present-day spectacle for a price, to the clash of colours and controversy on a spring Sunday in Marbella's ring on the Costa del Sol, bullfighting is hard to ignore and easy to get passionate about--whether for or against.

For more on Hemingway's writing about bullfighting, read "Death in the Afternoon".

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Spring Shoots

Well two weeks ago I flew back to British Columbia after exactly 6 months (to the DAY) in the US where I was working on immigration paperwork with my fiance.  I cried a bit leaving (goodbyes are not exactly my favourite) and I cried a bit upon landing--actually breaking through the clouds over Vancouver to be precise.  It was SO GOOD to see the lush Coastal Mountains, ferries and barges surrounded by the Pacific Ocean, and the stunning city of Vancouver sparkling beside the water's edge. BC is GORGEOUS and was such a sight for sore eyes!  Anyway, that was actually before I landed, and when I landed, I hit the ground running.  The following day I had two photo shoots (one in Surrey, and one on Granville Island) with a third shoot on the Burrard Bridge in Vancouver the day after that.  Throw in errands that have been put on hold for 6 months, a sprinkling of people to see and blend that for a dose of chaos...whew.

But back to the photo shoots, because that's what this post is about and it's what you are here for!  Well for starters, I set off to the Muir household in Surrey where Heidi Muir swapped a family photo shoot for a much-needed haircut, along with a dye job and highlights. I absolutely love having a skill that I can use to trade for services...I'm very much a fan of both bartering and saving money, (blame it on the Mennonite in me!) as well as just spending time with people, so it worked out to be a fantastic trade for the both of us.  Heidi, her husband Josh, and their doll of a daughter Ava shot a whack load of candids at their place using some great natural lighting, and then headed off to the park across the street where Ava braved the cold and rain for a series of family photos.  Josh and Heidi are a really fun couple and Ava was so full of expressions and charisma that I just couldn't stop shooting!!!

Later that afternoon I took the Skytrain and bus back into the heart of Vancouver where I met up with Jason Bull & Laura Proce for one of my all-time favourite photo shoots.  First off, Laura is one of my best friends and bridesmaids, (and I hers as well!) as well as my former roommate.  She's been in so many of my photos (and has quite a flair for the dramatic as it is) that she was as comfortable as a subject has ever been in front of my camera and it shows. Jason and I had only met once last year for 3 minutes before I went AWOL for most of the year, or something like that.  Needless to say, he did a fine job of relaxing in front of the camera and the two provided me with some of my favourite engagement shots.  The shoot was on Granville Island which also held a lot of personal meaning for me, as it's where I did my photography degree from Emily Carr.  A best friend, a new friend, and my old stomping grounds--not to mention glorious lighting--I couldn't have asked for more!

Day 2, Shoot 3, and I was off to Burrard Bridge with Dan Withers and Leanne Kwiatkowski to shoot their engagement photos.  It was a short shoot but another killer combo: the blue sky and bright sun + the distinctive architecture of the Burrard Bridge + the most giddy, playful couple on the block.  I've known both Dan and Leanne for a few years now and they're a dynamic duo so full of life that photos of them just begged to be bright, strong, and vibrant.  Despite the harsh mid-afternoon light, I was able to work with what I was given and in the end, pleased by the results (as were they!).   I'll be shooting their wedding at the end of August, so keep your eyes peeled for more!

It was a busy weekend that snowballed it's way into an even busier week, and after I returned home to Vernon it was less than two weeks until I was on my way back to the Coast.  This Easter weekend was a wedding shoot for Dom & Bethany (Burnett) Humphrey, but I'll update you on that once the editing process is underway!  So hold tight, and stay tuned...the wedding season is in full swing and I'm on a treadmill that I can't get off!