Sunday, December 25, 2005

I Could Write a Book...

Well it's been a month since I've been on here and I keep telling myself that I'll become more faithful to my blog once the trip is officially underway, however, I'm beginning to doubt how realistic that may be. Then again, maybe once I ACTUALLY have something to say (aside from random blather about buying tickets and packing) my fingers will be crying out for these keys. Time will tell I guess.

So two and a half weeks to go and I'm drinking in the last couple weeks I have of central heating, my parents' cooking, and personal transportation. On the other hand, warmer weather, foreign food, (excluding the predictable after-effects) and the prospect of sharing varied and unpredictable methods of public transport keep me from falling asleep at night--especially because they are now complemented with a set of LP guidebooks to call my own. Residing next to my bed in my night stand are the Lonely Planet guides to Morocco, Moroccan Food, and Moroccan Arabic. As we speak the LP guide to Andalucia is making its way to my door via the mail. Now if only I can make room for these in my pack, not to mention within the airlines' weight restrictions!

Speaking of backpacks, my 70 L ASOLO pack wound up being a Christmas present from my parents. Now Jacqui and I have similar packs for our simultaneous adventures. We're going to have the two of us photographed donning our packs to send to friends and family. I thought it'd be fun to each wear the headlamps we got for Christmas too, but Jac wasn't too in favour of that idea!

Anyway, I'm fading fast here and need to catch some sleep. I can't believe it's Christmas already!!! Praise God for another great year and for the reason we celebrate this holiday in the first place--the birth of Jesus Christ.