Thursday, July 15, 2010

New Bride on the Blog

Well folks, there's a new bride (and groom of course!) on the blog and a touch of new styling as well. Last weekend's wedding in Abbotsford, British Columbia left me eager to dive into the editing process and while the entire teaser isn't quite ready as of yet, I couldn't wait to share at least a sampling with you!

Lori & Jeremy were looking for something fun and creative, so we headed over to the Vancouver Skydive Club's Abbotsford location for their great views and perfect props (no pun intended!). The groomsmen were kind enough to haul the trunk and vintage suitcases out to the plane for us, and Jeremy & Lori were patient enough to withstand the blazing afternoon sun throughout the shoot! Lori and I spoke over the phone and corresponded via email about purposeful aesthetic touches to include in both the shoot and in the editing--the trunks & cases would perfectly suit the vintage touches they had incorporated into the wedding, and the textured styling during post-processing would polish off the look. Lori's ideas worked well for me as this is the direction I've been working towards for a while. Watch for more of my creative outpourings throughout the summer & fall, and of course, more photos from Jeremy & Lori's wedding next week.


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