Monday, October 25, 2010

Jen & Johnny's Wedding!

Ahh, back at my desk. The one in my house. NOT the makeshift one on the ferry from Vancouver to Nanaimo, nor the lap-based one at YVR, YLW, YWG or any number of airports across the countryside, and not at any one of the 12 other places I stayed while on a 25-day trip to and fro across British Columbia and Manitoba. No, I'm finally back here at my desk in California where I can work in my pajamas and no one is the wiser.

That being said, I would like to thank everyone over this past month who hosted me in their homes and kept me warm, fed, and happy. It's easy to get cranky when packing and repacking every other day, but good friends and hosts make the nomadic experience as pleasant as possible. My husband, Will, also deserves a great deal of thanks for not just putting up with, but challenging and encouraging me in my traipsing around. This last trip was the grand finale in a bout of traveling that had me gone 5 weeks out of 9 from mid-August until now.

During that time I had twelve shoots, only one of which made it's way to the blog, and so I must also thank my faithful readers for putting up with my inconsistent nonexistent posting habits. After a long absense from my desk, I've returned and promise to faithfully unveil this fall's latest work!

To begin, I thought I'd post my final summer wedding, which happened to be the wedding of my cousin Jennifer to her new husband Johnny. They were (and are) gorgeous, fun, and oh-so-in-love, which made photographing them a dream, but the fact that it was a family affair made the shoot that much more special to me. I claimed 'personal moments' at various intervals just so I could let myself tear up for a few seconds!

All right, enough details. I'll stop rattling on and let you get to the goods! Enjoy!

Little Jennifer--you were such a stunning bride and I love you! Johnny--welcome to our crazy family!!! Everyone else...please post your thoughts/comments/well wishes to the happy couple below!