Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Bicknell Family photos and more...

Here are a few pics from last weekend's shoot for the Bicknell family of Vernon, BC.  Jessie and Sean had been wanting some family-oriented maternity shots that featured Kal Park, one of their favoured stomping grounds.  With their son (age 2) along, we kept things as informal as we could in order to stretch his tolerance for photos as long as possible.  He held up wonderfully and it was definitely a great time!

It's been a busy spring so far--just the way I like it, with weddings to celebrate, family photos to start snapping, and babies to photograph before they even arrive!  With spring arriving fashionably late, I've been keeping tabs on the blossoms, watching the weather forecasts religiously, and ensuring that clients' and I are making the most of those beautiful spring days as they waltz into town, unaware that we've all been waiting...waiting very patiently...*ahem* for them to arrive.

So I figured I should get to it and start uploading photos, keeping everyone posted with the latest moments and events being documented both here in the Okanagan and down at the Coast.  Actually, as far as weddings go, I've got more coming up all over the province: Kimberley, Prince George, Delta...the list goes on.  If you'd like to catch up with me between Vernon and the aforementioned locales for a photo shoot, just drop me a line via can also find Jaime Lauren Photography on Facebook (thanks to all those who've become fans! Very encouraging stuff!!!)  Oh and for those of you waiting for more travel-related posts, you won't have to wait too long...this summer is going to be chock full of adventures!!!

Check out for more from the Bicknell family photo shoot!