Thursday, June 10, 2010

Jenny& Kevin's Wedding!

Well, I finally had the chance to shoot my first wedding in California. It feels like it's been a long time coming, since prior to moving here last November I'd been visiting close friends in southern California for ten years. My dear friend Jenny was married to my new friend Kevin a couple of weeks ago in a gorgeous outdoor setting in Lake Elsinore, California and I had the pleasure of being there to document it all.

I had the chance to meet Kevin in January when he and Jenny came to visit Will & I for a few days over New Year's. The four of us had a blast and Kevin and I even worked out a trade: haircuts for engagement photos! Actually, I've worked out a couple similar trades with another hairdresser friend of mine in British Columbia...I love swapping skills! Head on over to the blog posting featuring Jenny & Kevin's engagement photo shoot in Napa if you'd like.

Jenny & Kevin were also interested in having a custom guestbook done up, so I designed a hardcover guestbook that would be used at their wedding for guests to sign. They requested something that had an old-world style to coordinate with their wedding, so I integrated backgrounds that featured old maps, paper, even muted Persian carpets (as a nod to Kevin's Iranian heritage). The book has gone over so well with other clients who've seen it, that I'm getting more requests for these unique guestbooks that feature a couple's engagement photos and therefore (hopefully) won't be destined to find their way into a box or dusty corner!

Jenny and Kevin, I was so blessed to be there photographing you on your wedding day and hope that these photographs always serve as a reminder of the love you two share and of the greater love that surrounds you.
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Every Bit the Fairy Tale

There were no glass slippers, poison apples, or beasts of any kind at Daniel & Elisia's fairy tale wedding! No, this wedding (while inspired by fairy tale classics) featured only the loveliest of fairy tale references, along with the most luscious Red Velvet cupcakes!

I traveled back to Canada to shoot this wedding, and was very eager to do so, as it was the fourth wedding for Elisia's side of the (extended) family that I've either photographed or been a part of over the years. I know I've mentioned this in previous blogs, but I absolutely love how photography has enabled me to really be more than just a hired vendor at weddings. The more opportunities I have to photograph the same groups of people, the more relaxed my subjects become and in turn, the more natural the photos appear. It was also a pleasure getting to know Daniel and his side of the family a bit...I love seeing two families begin blending together and I wish all the best for both the Gardners and the Prestons as they watch Elisia and Daniel begin their new lives together as husband and wife.

Daniel & Elisia...I wish you both a very Happily Ever After.
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