Monday, December 21, 2009

Nikon's Taking You for a Test-Drive

While every gadget-proffering company uses great deals to vie for consumers' attention, (especially at this time of year) Nikon is using gadgetry of their own to entice potential buyers. Click on the link to check out their new Web-Based Lens Simulator.

Simply click on the camera body you're interested in or already have, then use the slider tool to view the sample photo using focusing lengths from 10-600mm. Choose from 3 different sample photos to view, viewing angles, FX and DX formats, zoom or fixed lens, and more. Even save or delete the combinations of your choice.

Before forking out hard-earned cash, (or that sweet cheque from Grandma that you found tucked inside your Christmas card) on a new Nikkor lens, you might want to let Nikon take you for a test-drive in order to help you determine which piece of glass suits you and your photographic needs best. I wish I'd found this tool last week before I purchased my new wide angle, but then again, it would have only confirmed that I'd done my research well and picked out exactly what I needed!

I'm a Nikon girl when it comes to SLR's and DSLR's, so I'm openly biased, but I've gotta admit that the simplicity and practicality featured by this slick web-based simulator is really appealing amidst the barrage of in-your-face holiday advertising and a market glutted with devices intended to help you capture the moment. Enjoy!