Friday, May 28, 2010

Unpacking & Repacking

After a busy week of weddings, meetings, visits and travel from the Bay area to San Diego to Vancouver and back, I devoted yesterday to unpacking, uploading, and unwinding! Today is much the opposite as Will and I are taking the Memorial Day long weekend to travel along Highway 1 down the Pacific Coast. We plan on taking it slow, relaxing on beaches, shooting lots of film (yes, FILM) and eating some great seafood.

The plan is to rip through Monterey and Carmel as we've been there, done that, and then slowly wind our way through Big Sur's rugged terrain, stopping off at remote (and not-so remote) beaches along the way before ending up in Cambria where we'll check into our hotel. Amazingly enough we were able to book last minute stays at two places, one in Cambria and one in Pismo Beach, which was extremely tough to do. First of all, it's the long weekend, secondly most places are EXORBITANTLY priced, and third (and most frustrating) is that almost all places require a 2-night stay at minimum. Grrr. I spent most of May looking for a place and last night wound up finding two great spots at decent rates. What an answer to prayer that was!!!

On the (relaxed) agenda is Hearst Castle, Morro Bay, and the Dunes at Pismo Beach. And did I mention copious amounts of seafood??? We'll stay our second night in Pismo Beach and then on Monday head inland up Highway 101--not as scenic, but rich with literary history as this is where Steinbeck's Pulitzer and Nobel-prize winning work was set. I'm actually pretty excited to see this agricultural region and hope to meander through it lazily on the drive home.

Next week I'll get teasers up from Jenny & Kevin's wedding in California and Daniel & Elisia's wedding in British Columbia...I know some of you are anxious to see 'em!

Hope you all have an awesome weekend, and Happy Memorial Day to all of the US Veterans, those currently serving, and their families.