Wednesday, March 10, 2010

All Lit up Inside

Last weekend I flew back to my hometown of Vernon, British Columbia to shoot Adam & Jenny's wedding at the stunning world-class Predator Ridge Golf Resort. Jenny and I went to high school together and it was really special to photograph a wedding for someone I've known for almost 15 years. As you can tell from the featured photos, both the bride and the groom had no problem at all with expressing their love for one another in front of the camera and if you'd seen my expression behind the camera, you'd have seen how happy I become when photographing natural, unscripted moments unfold. I was also thrilled to have ample time to shoot, as the couple had essentially planned out their wedding day according to how I thought the light would suit the photos best...AND they generously dedicated almost two hours to photography of just the two of them. I become positively giddy with delight when looking at these photos and it's my hope that Adam & Jenny and their loved ones will feel the same!!!
Up until Adam & Jenny's wedding, the only wedding photos I'd ever taken on the Vernon Courthouse steps were my own! I've always loved the building and knew the light would be just right for some warmly-lit shots at that time of day. I also had the chance to pull out a new wide-angle lens I recently purchased (a 10-24mm Nikkor lens) which I was eager to use on one of Vernon's grandest facades.
Adam & Jenny wanted to spend some time strolling main street in downtown Vernon just using the street as their backdrop. I couldn't include all the photos obviously, but we had a great time interacting with those on the street and just having fun in general. Here are a few samples including a shot in front of Furmanek Jewellers where Jenny's ring was from. Ryan and Kim Furmanek were guests at Adam & Jenny's wedding so it seemed only right to drop by their storefront and pose for a photo!
I've shot up at this lookout before, and it's a popular place for tourists and locals alike, but the light is never the same twice and I couldn't resist bringing Adam & Jenny here for a few shots. Definitely worth it!
And of course back to Predator Ridge for a few more photos before the light slipped behind the mountains.