Tuesday, December 08, 2009

Retracing My Steps...

It has been 5 weeks since my last blog entry and I have a fabulous excuse: I have a home!!! A rented townhouse to be exact, but it's sole residents are Will and myself and we have spent the last month LOVING the fact that we are in our own place! Of course on the work end of things, photography has had to take a bit of a back seat while we hunted for furniture, moved our things in, set up accounts and services and the like. But, after not quite 30 days of living in our new California home, I'm back in the blogosphere, hunkered down in the digital darkroom, and out there on the web and in person looking for new clients, new opportunities, and new inspiration!

So until I find all these things, I'll be retracing my steps and showcasing a few shoots from the last 6-9 months that have kept me busy. One shoot I've been meaning to highlight for while is a portrait session featuring my sister-in-law, Kelly in a stunning cherry red satin ball gown that she wore as a bridesmaid. I'd seen the dress hanging in the guest room every time I returned to Mississippi and asked Kelly if I could photograph her in it--even on it's own the dress seemed photogenic and I was dying to bring Kelly and the dress together for a few fabulous photos. Throw in a southern church facade and ta-DAH!!!

Well enough photo talk, here are the photos I've been ranting about. Thanks Kelly for being such a great sport and fun subject!