Monday, January 23, 2006

finally here!

Okay! So I'm ACTUALLY here...finally...after months of planning and praying I've the land where guys are predestined to sport mullets and tracksuits, and women are genetically predisposed to having a rear the size of Texas. Considering the amount of churros eaten before 10 am, I'm not surprised. The mullets, however, have no excuse.

All surface stuff aside, it's great to be in Spain. Since arriving last weekend, I've settled in at the media centre, (where my first three days on the job were spent in a video control room as the official 'timer' during a shoot featuring an Arabic teaching series....Basically it was my job to hit the 'time' button and stare at the backwards Arabic streaming down the teleprompter, waiting to cue the camera director. For eight or nine hours a day.) made myself at 'home' in my apartment a few blocks away, (shared with an elderly British woman named Rosie) and took a trip to Cordoba this weekend. Prior to that I was in London for a couple days, staying with friends of my cousin Steph, who graciously hosted me as I blitzed around the city trying to take in as much as possible. And before THAT, I was in Vancouver for a few days, staying at Menno and wrapping things up on that end. NOW, I've got 4 days to prep for my first trip into Morocco which, if things go as planned, will be on Friday. A crazy whirlwind of sorts, so I can't wait to really sit down and dish out the details...just trying to keep my personal journal updated has been a task in itself.

Journaling is something that I really want to devote a lot of time to while I'm here, (and due to the lack of people my age around...everyone is 35+ with families looks like I won't have to cut down on my raging social life) along with some quality devotional time with God. I've already been amazed at how much God's teaching me, and without friends around, He's been my constant companion. I really don't have anyone to count on here, except for Him. Going from the craziness of dorm and Emily Carr life in Vancouver, and the comfort of friends and family back in Vernon, to the solitude and quiet of life over here has taken the most adjustment of all. Jet lag and culture shock were nothing compared to all that!

Anyway, I need to keep getting stuff done! Have a good one and if you see a mullet or a J.Lo rear--think of me!



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