Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Albert + Jaimie at the Palace of Fine Arts

I've been dying to do a shoot at San Francisco's Palace of Fine Arts since we moved out here, and finally got the chance with Albert & Jaimie recently. We met at sunset, braved the chilly ocean air, and shot like crazy try to sneak in as many shots before the sun could dip into the Pacific. Well, more than likely it sunk below the Golden Gate Bridge and the surrounding hills before that, but the Pacific is most definitely the last thing the sun cast its rays upon before night fell in San Francisco! I got my shoot at the Palace. I should be satisfied right? Nope. I want MORE!!! I'm so inspired by the endless possibilities for unique lighting situations amidst such dramatic columns, archways, and architectural detailing. I'd love to get there before sunrise to see the fog rise up off the pond and watch the eastern light warm the cool dome; I'd love to shoot there during a storm and photograph a couple taking shelter from the rain; I really want to go back once the summer comes and linger during the longest sunset of the year. great is it that we can never run out!!!

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Cheers to you all!