Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Saturday Morning Shoot...

This last shoot was absolutely fabulous!  You may have already seen the Bicknell Family's Maternity shoot that I featured a few weeks ago and it was only a short time after that their little girl was welcomed into the world.  It was quite a privilege being invited over to photograph the family first thing Saturday morning, with everyone still in their pj's!  I'm in love with these photos and hope every one of the Bicknell's friends and family members fall in love with them too!


Spring is here and it seems like folks are having babies as if they're goin' outta style!  Or maybe it's just that a lot of people of my accquaintance happen to be both married and in the 25-35 age bracket.  Either way, I've been having a lot of fun with parents-to-be.  

Kevin & Adrienne were one such couple, and if you think they look familiar it's because last year I photographed their wedding out at O'Keefe Ranch exactly one year ago.  

On the week of their first wedding anniversary we headed out to Kal Park for a photo shoot featuring Kevin, Adrienne, and their new little one just waiting to make his or her big debut!  Thanks so much you guys for a great photo reunion!

Thursday, May 07, 2009

Oh the Places You'll Go...

Today I went for a run and as I was running I began compiling lists of my Big Five.  Will thinks it's crazy that I have SUCH specific ideas about where I want to go and what I want to do, but hey, if you can dream big, why not dream DETAILED!!!  Here's what a couple quick kilometers can do for the imagination....

Top 5 Things I'd Love to Visit

1) Djenne Mosque in Mali
2) Timbuktu's Festival in the Desert
3) Wildebeest Migration in the Serengeti
4) Il Palio, Sienna, Italy (A an incredible horserace in an old Tuscan town)
5) Pushkar Camel Fair in Rajasthan, India

Top 5 Places I'd Love to Own Property

1) Restore an ancient riad in the heart of the Fez medina, Morocco
2) A villa in Tuscany, surrounded by vineyards & olive groves
3) A Thousand-Acre ranch in California where Will & I can hunt, ride horses, and camp in the mountains.
4) Restore an old Plantation-Era home in Mississippi
5) Build a beautiful home on Kal Lake in British Columbia

Top 5 Things I have a Heart for

1) Orphans 
2) Women forced into the Sex Trade
3) The 10/40 Window
4) The Holy Land and the History of the Bible
5) The Persecuted Church

Top 5 Overland Trips I'd Love to Make

1) Travel through every country around the Mediterranean
2) Morocco to Mali as part of a camel caravan
3) Travel only by train from Portugal to Japan
4) Road trip around the United States using only highways and backroads--ABSOLUTELY NO INTERSTATES!
5) Take a leisurely road trip down the Pacific Coast Highway from Monterrey to Santa Barbara

Top 5 Lifelong Goals I've Already Fulfilled

1) Travel the Trans-Siberian Railway from Moscow to Beijing
2) Photograph the Christian Church in Cuba before Castro dies
3) Visit my family in the jungles of the Northern Philippines with my mom
4) Go skydiving (My first goal--a dream I had since the age of FOUR!)
5) Earn a living as a self-employed photographer.

Monday, May 04, 2009

A Wedding in Kimberley

Well this weekend was a whirlwind...a quick trip to Kimberely, BC and back which resulted in both a lot of driving and a lot of great photos!  I went to photograph a wedding for Adrienne & Andrew, and was joined by my friend Yanez who snapped candids throughout the event (I'll highlight a few of her photos once I get to posting a preview from the wedding--give me about a week for that!).  

Adrienne & Andrew were a great couple to photograph, and their wedding party and families were a blast!  I actually had met most of the bridesmaids last summer when photographing a wedding for Mariko & Ryan in Vernon.  Mariko & Adrienne were bridesmaids for each other and a lot of their friends happened to be at both weddings.  I LOVE photographing weddings for friends...and the bridesmaids were a RIOT to be around!  

The wedding took place at the ski resort in Kimberley, British Columbia, and it just happened to be a picture-perfect day for an outdoor ceremony and portraits.  The setting was rugged and natural which really showed up in Adrienne & Andrew's portraits.  Many, many more photos to come!

Thanks so much Adrienne & Andrew for the great shoot, fantastic accommodations, and privilege of photographing your big day!!!