Monday, November 01, 2010

An Island Wedding: Josh & Seija

Rain is not an element I particularly least not the getting wet part. While living in Vancouver I waited out many rainy afternoons in my dorm's 'sunroom', huddled up next to cool, dripping panes of glass at a coffee shop sipping something warm, and as often as I could, soaked in the warmth and soul of Burgoo's food and cozy atmosphere--at a window seat of course. More often than not, however, a great deal of my rainy days in Vancouver were spent in the pitch black as hours of darkroom time were clocked day after day. Rain and darkness were very much a part of my Vancouver years, and now that I live in California, I try to soak up as much sunshine as I can in order to make up for lost rays. It's been a long time since I could see the good in getting downright drenched by a Pacific storm, but this September, rain was redeemed!

Just over a month ago, I had the sheer pleasure of being thoroughly soaked while photographing my friend Seija and her husband Josh as they very gallantly braved a Tofino lashing and froze their newly-wedded socks off. The ceremony was supposed to be held outdoors on the beach, but Storm Season had officially arrived on Vancouver Island's western coast and so an intimate ceremony was held in the warmth of Long Beach Lodge Resort's great room.

An island wedding was truly appropriate for this Kelowna couple who hail from Prince Edward Island (Josh) and Vancouver Island (Seija). Neither were too daunted by the coastal weather and I was blown away by how willing Seija was to shoot in an utter downpour, especially with a reception to follow.

And I, for one, had an absolute blast! It's one thing to find yourself sopping wet in the middle of a city street on your way to class or a meeting, but it's another to find yourself liberated by weather and enjoying the elements in all their glory. I realised that for me, being outside in the rain while being surrounded by nature (as opposed to an urban environment) was freeing rather than aggravating. Even while my fingers were fumbling to grip my camera (all weather-sealed, thanks to Nikon) and water was cascading through my jacket, I can recall feeling as alive as I've ever been and couldn't help but thanking the Creator for such tremendous beauty.

Seija & Josh, thank you so much for enabling me to be a part of such a unique and dramatic occasion, and I hope that the way you both embraced the storm in order to produce something beautiful to cherish will prove to be more than just a metaphor for your marriage.

To Seija & Josh and a Beautiful Storm!


  1. ooohhhh I love them Jamie I cant wait to see them all!

  2. Glad you liked them Kyla! It was wonderful finally meeting you after hearing about you so much over the years! All the best with your business and if you've ever got ideas, critiques, or helpful hints to pass along, feel free to leave 'em here or email them my way! Cheers!

  3. They are so fantastic!!!!

  4. We are very happy so far Jaime...thank you for capturing our day in the rain!

  5. Seija--Glad you loved them! Your note to me on my FB wall made me MELT!!! Can I use that as a testimonial? Loved seeing the top photo as your profile pic by the way...and you're right it would definitely make a nice canvas transfer!

    Lori--Thanks for the compliment Lori...YOU were another stunning, drop-dead gorgeous bride! (If any brides out there are looking for inspiration, design ideas, etc. check out Lori's flare for detail:

  6. Yes feel free to use my posting as a testimonial!

  7. Thanks Heather!!! By the way, I read your post about Pioneer Woman. OH MY GOODNESS!

    For those who have been as out of the loops as I have and don't know about this blog yet, check this out:
    And for those who haven't meandered on over to my sidebar of blogs by folks I know, you'll definitely want to check out Heather's She's hilarious to read and as genuine a writer as you'll find!

    Thanks for all your comments everyone!


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