Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Bryce & Rebecca: An Engagement Session to Make You Melt--Part I of II

Get ready to melt ladies! This couple will make you want to throw on a scarf and boots, grab your man, scout out a field, barn, or any other rustic, fall setting and let yourselves fall in love all over again. Oh, and don't forget to bring along a photographer who's a sucker for romance, hint, hint. Not the cheesy, gushy sort that makes me gag, (I'll refrain from naming specific authors or movies, because you don't want to get me started) but the truly romantic kind that blends the passion and beauty of a strong woman with the devotion and honor of a steady man.
Think Elizabeth and Mr. Darcy if you're the genteel type, or William Wallace and his bride Murron if you prefer a little more edge than a curt remark with your romance! I like both forthe record! Anyhow, I digress. I'll stop now and just let you drool...or dream...the latter being a little more keyboard-friendly if you ask me!

This middle one is a favourite of mine. It reminds me of the moment when Elizabeth meets Mr. Darcy in the field at dawn in the new version of Pride & Prejudice. I've always preferred the BBC version, but that particular scene, with the sun glistening off the dew in the damp meadow, is pretty gorgeous. Kiera Knightly never hurt anyone's eyes either...wish I could look like her in a wet field!!! HA...fat chance of that happening!

Can we GET anymore photogenic people??? Sigh....

Becky & Bryce could not have coordinated better to compliment each other and their natural surroundings. Plus, I'm a HUGE fan of scarves as accessories both in front of and behind the camera (great for protecting the gear when shooting in the rain--see my Tofino shoot for more of that!!!). Being madly in love never hindered a great photo shoot either!

Stay tuned for Part Deux coming Friday and in the meantime, if you're from the Okanagan, I'd love to know if you can guess where these were shot! (If you already knew where the shoot was taking place please hold off on guessing!)


  1. I'm guessing Kal Park closer to Cousin's Bay...

    Either way, beautiful pictures!! I just love these two wonderful people!

  2. Oh I got teary looking at these pictures. They are beautiful and I can't believe one of my original girls is all grown up and getting married!!!

  3. Actually Yanez, since you were the only one to guess....Westside Road. Including the old run down church which I loved!

    Heather I was wondering how you'd like the photos especially seeing as how long you've known Becky!!! How time flies hey???


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