Thursday, June 10, 2010

Every Bit the Fairy Tale

There were no glass slippers, poison apples, or beasts of any kind at Daniel & Elisia's fairy tale wedding! No, this wedding (while inspired by fairy tale classics) featured only the loveliest of fairy tale references, along with the most luscious Red Velvet cupcakes!

I traveled back to Canada to shoot this wedding, and was very eager to do so, as it was the fourth wedding for Elisia's side of the (extended) family that I've either photographed or been a part of over the years. I know I've mentioned this in previous blogs, but I absolutely love how photography has enabled me to really be more than just a hired vendor at weddings. The more opportunities I have to photograph the same groups of people, the more relaxed my subjects become and in turn, the more natural the photos appear. It was also a pleasure getting to know Daniel and his side of the family a bit...I love seeing two families begin blending together and I wish all the best for both the Gardners and the Prestons as they watch Elisia and Daniel begin their new lives together as husband and wife.

Daniel & Elisia...I wish you both a very Happily Ever After.
I'd love to hear about your favourite memories from Daniel & Elisia's wedding, or your votes on which photos you like best. Feel free to leave your comments below!


  1. Julie Thiessen6/11/2010

    I just love your wedding photos girl!! The kiss on the bridge is super beautiful, but really I love how all the pictures together begin to paint the picture of what a lovely wedding it was...

  2. Danielle Gardner6/12/2010

    Tee hee, It's true, the Red (Pink?) Velvet WERE amazing! You did such a Good job, even when the little girls were running helter skelter and the families were HUUUUUUUUUUGEEE

    ~Danielle Gardner

  3. Oops! Was it Pink Velvet? Anyway, the cupcakes were delicious! Glad you love the photos girls...and it was so good to see you!!! Any more family events, just let me know!!!


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