Thursday, May 06, 2010

The Simple Life

Over the last while, I've had several friends post blog articles celebrating simplicity. The authors are in various stages of life and yet each has expressed a yearning to return to roots, tradition, and simplicity through a variety of creative, familial, and natural expressions. As I live not far from an ever-buzzing Interstate freeway, I am constantly reminded of my desire to seek that which is peaceful and pure. I've been inspired by my fellow bloggers to take note of the things which have brought simple beauty and rest into my own life recently and felt the urge to share those things with my own readers.

Will and I have absolutely relished in what we hope are the last of the major spring rains in the Bay area, and are trying to take in as much of what nature has to offer as we can--both in vistas and in vino! Only an hour from the southern end of the Napa Valley and not even ten minutes from the 40 wineries that dot the hillsides surrounding our small city, we have thoroughly enjoyed partaking of the region's wines (often accompanied by fruit from the local farmers and the occasional international treat courtesy of Trader Joe's). Long walks and hikes that allow us to spend time in nature with our cameras provide the much-needed reprieve from long weeks of work and offer the chance to reflect upon creation in peace. Hopefully these images bring you the same sense of peace and beauty they bring to me. Salut!

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