Friday, May 07, 2010

A friend indeed...

Some friends are perfect for long, introspective conversations, others are up for anything spontaneous and fun, and still others are the ideal muse--you know, inspiring, creative, passionate about life. Every once in a while, you land a friend who is that perfect gold mine--all of the above rolled into one! I've got this amazing collection of lifelong girlfriends who possess these qualities in spades, and I'd like to start highlighting them in my blog as each of them have made an impact on my life and my own personal and creative growth.

Yanez (who I fondly refer to as Nez or YZ) is one of those great friends who you know will never go AWOL! I have watched her press through tough times in relationships and come through the other side with brighter optimism, deepened character, and broader perspectives. Loyal as the day is long, this is what makes this friend Tried & True.

Ten years ago, I was living in southern California when Yanez made plans to visit me. Just after she'd booked her ticket, (and this was still during the days when most people still went to the travel agency to do so!) unforeseen events occurred in my living situation that prompted my abrupt return home. This spring, Yanez finally got to rebook a flight to Caliornia and was one of my first visitors to our new home. Yanez is always up for travel that revolves around deepening friendship and will drive or fly any distance at a moment's notice if you need her to. This girl is a friend of action--any activity or event that offers the opportunity to bless others and pour into their lives in some way is not just something to consider, it's something to make happen. Logistics are only part of the fun of making something happen for Yanez, and that attitude is what contributes to her spontaneous and exuberant personality!

When it comes to creativity, Yanez is a Triple Threat in three diverse categories:

1) Dance. I used to hate going to weddings knowing I was going to be out on the dance floor making a fool of myself without Yanez whopping it up! I'm an ethnic Mennonite and therefore rhythmically-challenged just by sheer default. Yanez is part-Caribbean and has more rhythm and moves flowing through her limbs than I could ever hope to achieve, but it's always been great having a friend to watch and be inspired by! Let's just put it this way, if you dance anywhere near Yanez at an event, you will automatically look better doing whatever lam-o move you're doing, just because of association.

2) Event Planning. Get this girl on the invites, the decor, the music, and the games committees 'cause Yanez knows how to parTAY. Every shin-dig this girl hosts or helps with has her signature touch on it. Invitations and decoration are hand-crafted and are never frou-frou or prissy, but always inventive, creative, and stylish. Finding appropriate music for any occasion is this girl's GIFT. I don't know anyone else with such an extensive music collection and it's as eclectic as it is grandiose. She knows what's in, what's out, what's classic and what needs to be brought back. And it will rock your world. Games, I don't even really care to discuss because I am NOT a games person, (unless it's Speed Scrabble and then I'd like to challenge you to a duel because I can kill at Speed Scrabble) but Yz has so many games it's unreal and again, knows what's new in the Game world and can bring it when it comes to competitiveness (and can only be beat by my friend Alison, but that is another story all together).

3) Clothes. In over 11 years I've never seen this girl wear the same thing twice. If I had her body type I'd be the first in line to take Yanez's hand-me-downs! She is uber-creative in her style (which changes monthly and goes through colour-phases: Grade 12-Yellow. Subsequent phases: Orange, Pink, Teal. Current Phase: Purple.) and is a fantastic deal-hunter! This girl can get away with wearing ANYTHING and inspires me to be more daring (but only a little!!!).

Last year, Yanez was one of my bridesmaids for good reason. Actually for all the reasons above and more. She's the first to give a compliment, the first to befriend a lonely soul, and the first to share an encouraging thought. It's easy enough to look at a person and see their flaws (and yes Yanez has those just like the rest of us) but I think most peoples' good sides usually outweigh their bad, and I really value the fact that Yanez always looks for the good in others.

Yanez, you are a friend whom loads would be lucky to have, and I'm so blessed to be considered one of your best-est!



  1. Anonymous5/08/2010

    Great blog Jaime! I so love this gal - Yanez & miss her smiling, energetic & beautiful self. I remember when Travis first met Yanez on a C & C youth retreat. He spoke so highly of Yanez with many a story to tell his family of the great time he had with her, along with the other wonderful new friends he had the privilege to get to know that trip. He was right....the moment the rest of our family met Yanez - we instantly liked her! Seemed like we had known her for years. Now, I have the privilege to catch up on her life, when I see her mom in the store from time to time. The first words that come out of my mouth after greeting Yanez's mom is "How is Yanez?...I miss her"! A rare & beautiful forever friend - indeed! WJM

  2. aww Jaimes what a beautiful tribute! So well written, and so true of the Yanez I know.


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