Saturday, October 17, 2009

Brides on the Beach

Five Brides on the Beach? A shoot like this garnered more than a few questions as well as curious onlookers who we caught sneaking photos of our slightly absurd yet delightful photo shoot! For those wondering 'what the???' here's a bit of background...

This past year I've been thinking a lot about all the fabulous brides I've photographed and how it'd be amazing to cluster as many as possible in one impressive photo. But HOW was the question that ping-ponged back and forth in my mind for several months. Eventually I simplified the idea and emailed the eight brides from my church in Vancouver (Dunbar Heights Baptist) who were married this year and asked if they'd like to join me for an impromptu group shoot at Jericho Beach. Five out of eight pounced on the idea of getting to wear their dresses again and loved the idea of all getting together since they're pretty well accquainted with one another. I'd also shot several of their weddings which made it that much easier to convince them to haul their dresses out of storage just to satisfy my photographical whims! Of course I wasn't opposed to wearing my dress either, and was able to slip into a few photos at the end (photo credit for those belongs to Anna's friend Joy!).

Cheers to a few of the Dunbar Brides of '09!


  1. Anonymous10/18/2009

    Is this Leanne VanderKwaak Sawatsky, sister of Eric VanderKwaak?? If so, then the world IS crazy small!

  2. How fun!! I love this! :) Great idea!!


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