Tuesday, September 29, 2009

How To Shoot a Best Friend's Wedding

Are you considering asking your photographer friend (or maybe they're more friend than photographer) to shoot your wedding? Wondering how to manage being part of the wedding party and shoot your best friend's big day? Save yourself some stress and opt for a shoot either before or after the wedding so you can get the full effect without the chaos!

My friend Laura's wedding was the second one I'd been in where I could have been carrying a camera instead of a bouquet, but thankfully we pulled off an early-morning shoot two days before the wedding with fantastic results! We also escaped just prior to the reception for a few wedding day shots (soon to come!) as well. Laura hired local photographer Kyle Perison to shoot the rest of the photos which would have been tedious to do if it'd had been left up to me! Equipped and organised as I may be, running from the tripod to the posed group shots was not how I envisioned enjoying Laura's big day!

Here's how we pulled off Laura & Jason's pre-wedding photo shoot...


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