Monday, May 04, 2009

A Wedding in Kimberley

Well this weekend was a whirlwind...a quick trip to Kimberely, BC and back which resulted in both a lot of driving and a lot of great photos!  I went to photograph a wedding for Adrienne & Andrew, and was joined by my friend Yanez who snapped candids throughout the event (I'll highlight a few of her photos once I get to posting a preview from the wedding--give me about a week for that!).  

Adrienne & Andrew were a great couple to photograph, and their wedding party and families were a blast!  I actually had met most of the bridesmaids last summer when photographing a wedding for Mariko & Ryan in Vernon.  Mariko & Adrienne were bridesmaids for each other and a lot of their friends happened to be at both weddings.  I LOVE photographing weddings for friends...and the bridesmaids were a RIOT to be around!  

The wedding took place at the ski resort in Kimberley, British Columbia, and it just happened to be a picture-perfect day for an outdoor ceremony and portraits.  The setting was rugged and natural which really showed up in Adrienne & Andrew's portraits.  Many, many more photos to come!

Thanks so much Adrienne & Andrew for the great shoot, fantastic accommodations, and privilege of photographing your big day!!!


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