Friday, July 02, 2010

Get Inspired to Travel...and WIN!

Welcome back to the blog! I know it's been almost a month since I've posted, but, as you'll note, I've been on holiday! My husband Will recently planned a trip to Maui for our first anniversary and we jetted off to the island locale for 9 glorious days.

I wanted to share a few of the photographic highlights from our trip, but thought I'd add a little to the viewing experience by asking readers to pick their favourite photo, comment below as to WHY it's your fave, and get your name will be entered into a draw for Lonely Planet's Guide to Travel Photography!

Following you'll find not only photos from the trip, but a bit of a running commentary on the images. If you're more into photos, disregard the comments, but if you want in on the details, check 'em out. Either way, leave your vote for favourite photo and your name will automatically get entered into the draw for LP's Guide to Travel Photography by Richard I'Anson. Drawing will take place July 19, 2010.

1) Our first day at the beach. Kahekili Beach Park in West Maui...uncrowded, breezy, picturesque--everything we thought a Maui beach should be!
2) Will planned our first anniversary and surprised me with a trip to Maui!!! It was great to spend nine days relaxing without a wedding to recuperate from!
3) Our last beach experience. One of my favourite beaches, Kapalua Beach boasted a stunning crescent of sand, gorgeous views of Moloka'i, and calm waters perfect for swimming.

4) Makawao Union Church. I first saw this glorious stone church on an evening drive from Makawao to Pa'ia...the shimmering stained glass was lit from within and shimmered in the rain. It seemed so surreal to see such a stoic building graced by two tall palms, and after passing it by several times, I just couldn't view it from the car any longer!
5) Wasn't sure I'd enjoy riding in the Mustang, (the passenger seat was so low I could hardly see out the windows!) but I LOVED driving it along the Road to Hana's winding curves and switchbacks. Obviously this is Will's shot.
6) Walking by the Holy Innocence Episcopal Church in Lahaina one evening.

7) My First Wave! Photographed by the Goofy Foot Surf School photographer and edited by Yours Truly. Spent a lot of time trying to get up and finally rode my last wave for about 40 yards!
8) Starting off the week with one of Kona Brewing Company's finest.
9) Will and I posing with our surf instructor Brennan...the epitome of the Surfer Dude! Mahalo to the classmate who shot this on our behalf.

10) Always good for an unexpected expression! Not sure what weird thing Will was eating or if he was just hamming it up for the camera.
11) Our room for the first few nights at the Old Lahaina House. Short walk to the beach, view of the mountains, and oh yeah, air conditioning...what more could one ask for!
12) A 'ukulele serenade as we waited for tickets to the Old Lahaina Lu'au. Loved her expressive interpretation!

13) Will's Blue Hawaii. Don't know if a drink colouring can appear more exotic than that. Thank you Blue Curacao!
14) A picture-perfect night at the luau.
15) Just closing in on some of the lush tropical greens while driving along the Road to Hana.

16) I absolutely LOVED this little girl's expression as the Kalua pig was unearthed from the imu, the traditional pit in which the pig was cooked, under layers of banana leaves.
17) Gorgeous Maui sunset over the Pacific.
18) The laid-back ambience of the Old Lahaina Lu'au, rated as the most authentic on Maui, and did not disappoint.

19) These mellow Maui Gold pinapples were for sale at a roadside stand in West Maui. Just a bucket of pineapples and a container for cash entrusting folks to use the honour system. We ate each and every one of our pineapples in one sitting...sure beat out whatever we get at the grocery store at home!!!
20) The endemic (and endangered) Silversword plant at Haleakalā National Park. The plant blooms only once and then dies.
21) Shakira's got nothin' on the lovely ladies at the Old Lahaina Lu'au!

22) Some of the prettiest hibiscus I saw on our trip. Soft, sultry, and begging to be plucked...but I took a photo instead.
23) Jungle flora along the Road to Hana.
24) The Old Lahaina Lu'au which we stood in the standby line for. Amazingly we got front row tix AND got to eat first. Bonus!

25) A harrowing drive! Will was driving our convertible down the road from Haleakalā and I am just PETRIFIED of heights (I can jump out of plane, but don't DARE make me stand at the edge of a cliff) so it was somewhat terrifying driving down through the clouds especially when cliffside.
26) This photo was not so attractive in colour...we were sweaty, covered in sunscreen, and were sticky from saltwater...just another day at the beach.
27) I LOVE THIS MAN!!! (Oh and he wasn't posing, he was looking off at something, so it was entirely candid!)

28) I Heart Lonely Planet. They're the only travel guide I use on the road and I loved adding another lovely blue spine to my growing collection. We chose a lot of our eats, sleeps, and fun based on LP recommendations and were NOT disappointed. Accurate, fun, and always encouraging of sustainable travel. GO LP!
29) Our dusty boots after hiking Haleakalā's volcanic crater. After hiking the Sliding Sands Trail, you can guess what we were caked in.
30) My husband, no work, lotsa beaches and more piña coladas and pineapples than we could handle!

31) Couldn't get over the incredible beaches, water, and sky...
32) Chillin' out at the Luau!
33) Looks like a great way to experience Haleakalā, but not if you're a hiker. We felt for all the hikers coming in after this train of riders (thankfully we were just hiking back out). I've got a feeling we'd be kicked out of the park if we left such steamy piles behind on the trail.

34) Local boys watching fellow bodyboarders ride the waves at Makena State Park.
35) There was actually a guy spearfishing/snorkeling amongst these rocks...crazy dude!
36) Bodyboarding at Makena State Park.

37) We got up before the crack of dawn to drive the greatest elevation gain in the shortest amount of time. One hour to climb from approximately 1600 feet to almost 10, 000!!!
38) Such an amazing anniversary...we loved Maui and will definitely return one day.
39) The word as an adjective is SO overused, but this truly WAS the most 'epic' sunrise ever! Watching it rise over the clouds and the crater with hundreds of other hushed onlookers was pretty spectacular!

Don't forget to drop your comments in the Comment section and wait for the draw! Drawing will take place Monday, July 19! Stay tuned!


  1. pineapples, definitely my fav. we eat them in uganda all the time and can never get enough! one of the perks of living in a tropical location. and they only cost 50 cents. can't get much better than that! (love all the pictures by the way, great blog.)

  2. wow jaimes! So awesome! I'm so glad you got to go - it's too hard to choose just one of your gorgeous photos.

    Maybe the BW of Will hamming it up, or the one of you surfing (way to go!), or maybe the one of the lady with the ukulele. All the scenery are gorgeous too...can I just pick them all?

  3. #37 Sunrise - I love all of your pictures and the stories of your adventures. Keep blogging, I can't wait to read / view more!

  4. i actually really like the one of your room - it just screams sunshine and holiday!!

  5. One favourite? For realz? How on earth can you just pick one favourite with your photography? That's like asking me to only have one square of a Lindt bar. DOESN'T HAPPEN!

    If I really have to pick just one I think I would say #4, the church with the palm trees. The age and stillness of the building juxtaposed with the movement and energy of the palm trees makes me ache somehow. In a good way.

  6. any picture of maui is a good one! my personal favourite is not so much in the photo style (all of your pictures are amazing), but in the photo subject. Mmmm...pineapple! Fresh pineapple is even better :) My mouth is watering as I type! Looks like you guys had a fantastic time.

  7. Anonymous7/16/2010

    #24 I surely love all the pictures, Jaime. But my vote is for the picture of this mysterious man with an inviting look... Took me a while to connect it with the comment though =)

  8. Okay, so these are all amazing! You are so freaking talented! But I'm a sucker for the ocean and beach pictures so I'm going to go with #31! :)

  9. Anonymous7/19/2010

    #17 Gorgeous Maui sunset is one of my favourites though the Kapalua beach photo is also quite beautiful. Both photos are similar to what I think of when my mind drifts back to Maui. It looks like you guys had a spectacular time. Hope you are both doing well.

    Natalie K

  10. Anonymous7/19/2010

    My favourite is the hula dancer (14). I love how you've been able to capture her movement, even though it's a still photo. And the silhouette of the palms against the twilight sky is a beautiful background for the vibrant colours of the dancer. Just gorgeous!


  11. Anonymous7/19/2010

    Jaime, I have to say I love all the photos you took while in Maui but I have to say that my favourite is the photo of Kapalua Beach, my favaourite beach in Maui as well. I just love all the blues & greens mixed with the light coloured sand - natural beauty at its best!
    P.S. If Trav were to vote, I am pretty sure he would vote for the photo of you surfing. I think you know why he would =)

  12. And the winner of Lonely Planet's 2009 Edition of Richard I'Anson's Guide to Travel Photography is.... Paula!!! (Names were each numbered and Will picked a number, in case you're wondering how the draw went down). Thanks to everyone who contributed their thoughts and was great to hear from everyone! Stay tuned to the blog for more photos, and if you'd like to receive updates when new posts are up, become a Follower or Subscribe via Email.

  13. Anonymous7/20/2010

    My favorite is #26... The one with Will on the RIGHT and you on the LEFT. I like the way Will's hair is blowing across his face.... And Jaime, compared to #25, you look really good! Most of all this photo reminds me of my great friends!....JESH


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