Tuesday, September 01, 2009

Sugar, Spice & Everything Nice

How. Cute. Are. They!?  Alright, normally I'm not a sucker for pink and all things uber-girlie. Maybe that's because I don't have little girls of my own yet, I'm not sure.  (Read Kari Gienger's thoughts on how having two girls makes the colour pink virtually un-avoidable). Anyway, these two lovely girls, (daughters of friends of ours in Mississippi) this fabulous pink chair, and loads of shoes became the subject of a spontaneous photo shoot last month.  The eldest is apparently camera-shy and doesn't like to smile much when a lens is pointed her way (let's face it, a lot of adults aren't much better!) so I suggested using her shoes, which she's OBSESSED WITH, as a prop to draw out some natural smiles.  Well we were in for a treat because this blue-eyed gem got practically giddy at the idea!  Their youngest was just as sweet as ever and as expressive as her older sister.  Visit this slideshow on my website for more shots.  And if you're in the market for a fantastic photo shoot with or featuring your kids, just let me know!!!

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  1. Jaime! Those photos are incredible! Your talent and eye are exceptional and you have grown so much over the last few years! I'm so proud of you!

    Wish you were in our neighbourhood!


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