Monday, January 30, 2006

not in the desert yet!

this will be short as ive just arrived at work and this is a different keybord so dont mind my lack of grammer....which has pretty much all gone to pot anyway because m in the midst of learning 2 languages and relearning 1. after 2 days ive made some headway w/ pronouncing arabic....i have about a dozen basic phrases in my repetoire...french is interesting because ive forgotten so much since high school....coming back to me though! i live w/ 2 sisters around my age, really fun....theyve been teaching me moroccan pretty rythmically challenged as it is....its freezing here....i sleep in all my clothes plus tuque, mitts heqt plus the wind was actually shaking the apartment last night....the windows were shut but the curtains were blowing! food is good....lots of bread...i dont think girls my age buy a lot of meat in any country! but i have to run....first day taking pics! bsslama مع السلامة