Saturday, January 07, 2006

last minute stuff

so the jackster is in Guatemala and it sure is quiet around the house without her....she is our family's resident goofball and is famous for her one-liners ("how many quarters are there in a football game???"). While waiting to see her off at the Kelowna airport, Dad saw a car drive by with a Christmas tree strapped to the top and made some joke about them being Ukrainians who probably picked up the tree for free after the holidays and were going to check it onto the plane in order to bring the tree back to Manitoba in time for Ukrainian Christmas. Jac believed him. Jacqui if you're reading this, you know I couldn't keep that story to you sis and hope you're making your whole team pee their pants laughing.

anyway, travel plans are ticking along, though I can't say that my typhoid vaccination has been treating me very well...the other day I made like Mt. Vesuvius and spewed all over the place. I hardly saw it coming, but I DID see dinner a second time around...

I just got my Andalusia guidebook in the mail (bent the key trying to get it out of the box so mom hammered it flat and got it out for me later...what an idiot (me, not mom!) and am wondering how much I'm really going to love trucking these guidebooks around the countryside after four months!

Oh! I finally have a place to stay while stopping over in London...Reesa and Ben Ammadeo (friends of my cousin Steph) are putting me up for a couple nights (or maybe I should say 'putting up with me') between my arrival in London next Thursday and my departure for Malaga, Spain that Saturday. And speaking of exciting news from the UK, Mandee Bliss has recently become engaged (to Sam Beazley whom I met over Christmas and is a pretty awesome dude!)! I'm pretty stoked to be able to visit her in Dawlish (sp?) at the end of my trip!!!

hmmm...i know there's more stuff to say but I'm gonna cut her off there 'cuz i've got a buttload of stuff to do today!




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