Tuesday, November 08, 2005

Feels like Home...

Now really, how conceited can I get? A blog about me, for me, by me...what level of conceit have I reached here???

Uh, actually I really just wanted a convenient way to post travel info and stories up while in Morocco and Spain next semester, and figured a blog would be much easier than mass emails. Not to mention cooler. So here goes...hopefully this works better than the My Space account I set up and never used, or the online forum for Media History class that I avoided like the plague.

Anyway, someone once said that traveling with good friends was like home in motion, and that's what I hope to achieve with this blog...some sort of connection to home while on the road...an online abode where I can reconnect with all y'all...and there's nothing like a good dose of home when the road's lookin' lonely!

So if you care to join me on this journey, welcome home!

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  1. Hi Jaime! Your first faithful blog reader :)


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